Improving Health Outcomes
for Black & African American Communities

We are a collective of seven organizations whose mission is to identify social determinants of health, provide education, and actively advocate and influence decision-making in local, state, and federal organizations.  

About Us

Our Beliefs

Blacks in Orange County (OC) have been under-reported by various efforts to collect data through various surveys: US Census, Advance OC etc. We believe this is due to lack of trust in the black community of the organizations which are requesting data. The HEAAL initiative is a population collective group of trusted voices in the community. We believe that we can communicate the need to gather critical information in order to advocate systematic changes as well as to provide relevant services and education to positively impact the social determinants of health (SoDH) for Blacks in Orange County, California.

How We Serve The Community


Beginning December 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023, the HEAAL Collective will increase representation in Advance OC’s community reporting by surveying over 5% of the Black population to identify high priority needs and determine who is not thriving among Black & African American communities.


The HEAAL Collective partners with organizations to educate Blacks in Orange County on various health, wellness, and social justice resources and forums.


The HEAAL Collective desires to collect empirical data from Blacks in Orange County to identify the current relevant SoDH and develop a plan to address key areas by hosting forums, educational services and partner with Faith Based Organizations, Community Based Organizations, Institutions of High Learning, City, and County organizations.

Health Equity for African Americans League (HEAAL)
Orange County, California
E: info@heaaloc.org
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