Health Equity for African Americans League (“HEAAL” or “the Collective”) plays a key role in aligning with equity planning groups and focuses on Black and African American communities to identify social determinants of health, provide education, and actively advocate and influence decision-making in local, state, and federal organizations.  

HEAAL informs entities that are traditionally involved in equity development and
communities that have historically been excluded from equitable development
processes to collectively serve the Orange County, California Black population.
Our primary mission is to collect, provide and gather data, feedback and lived
experiences that identifies the social determinants of health outcomes within the Black population of Orange County, California as compared to pre-pandemic levels.

HEAAL’s survey targets Black residents ages 16+, those who work and worship in Orange County, the unhoused and those who are at risk (pregnant, sexually active, and senior citizens).

The Executive Board consists of five church organizations, two medical professional organizations and one faith-based organization. A total of eight organizations makes up the Executive Board. The collective includes additional churches, small business
owners, sororities, fraternities, civic organizations, local colleges/universities,
community advocates, and individual citizens committed to improving the health
outcomes of Blacks in Orange County.

Our Partners

Let’s improve health incomes for Black & African Americans in Orange County together.